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Terms of use – QRBoxx

§ 1 Scope of application
The following terms and conditions (in the following: AGB) are valid for all present and future business relations between QRBoxx, Simon Williams, Fichteweg 16, 29614 Soltau (in the following QRBoxx) and its customers. Terms and conditions of the customer or the contractual partners that deviate from these terms and conditions do not apply. Counter-confirmations of the customer with reference to his own terms of business or purchase are expressly contradicted. Deviations from this require written confirmation by QRBoxx.

Customer in the sense of these terms of use are exclusively entrepreneurs. A conclusion of a contract with consumers is expressly excluded.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract, acceptance, duration and termination
Upon registration by the customer and confirmation by QRBoxx, a contract for work and services subject to remuneration according to § 631 BGB (German Civil Code) is concluded by offer and acceptance. Subject of the contract is the entry in the search directory of QRBoxx and the publication in the same. The entry is considered to be accepted if no defects are reported within 5 days after creation. The minimum term of the contract is 1 month. The customer can cancel the contract at any time. All prices are net plus the statutory VAT.

§ 3 Obligation of the customer to cooperate
The customer is obliged to provide QRBoxx with all information, logos, graphics and photos -complete and correct- without being asked to do so, so that QRBoxx can create a company profile. The same applies if there are changes in the customer’s data. QRBoxx reserves the right to change or revise single parts or the whole delivery in order to make it conform to the portal. The customer is responsible that all deliveries are free of rights of third parties or their permission is available.

§ 4 Warranty, liability
QRBoxx does not give any warranty. Claims for defects according to § 634 No. 1, 2 and 4 BGB become time-barred in deviation from § 634a I No. 3 BGB, within one year.

QRBoxx guarantees a search directory accessibility of 97%.

QRBoxx is only liable in case of gross negligence and intent. Not to be classified as gross negligence are damages, which are caused by computer failures and transmission disturbances during e-mail transmission or by computer viruses. QRBoxx takes precautions against this by means of suitable anti-virus software.

The liability in case of slight negligence is only valid in case of violation of main obligations.

§ 5 Entries
QRBoxx reserves the right to extend and edit entries of businesses/services. The aim is to provide detailed information for readers and to keep the quality as well as the volume of the content on a high level. Of course only freely available information is used, which is also communicated on the company website of the agency.

§ 6 Miscellaneous
Verbal side agreements were not made, all changes require the written form. Place of performance for all services and place of jurisdiction is Grönwohld. German law applies.

Terms of Use User
– With the call of the profile database a contract of use between QRBoxx, Simon Williams, Fichteweg 16, 29614 Soltau (in the following QRBoxx) and the respective user comes about. The use of the database and search function is free of charge.
– The service providers are responsible for the content of the profiles. QRBoxx can therefore not take over any guarantee or warranty for correctness and completeness of the profile data.
– The use of the database and the contacting of the service providers is only allowed for the purpose of direct, activity-related contract application.
– Any other use, in particular the sending of advertising or the commercial use of addresses is expressly prohibited.
– Violations will be warned without exception, and all costs for this will be asserted against the causer by way of compensation.
– The IP addresses of the users are stored within the scope of legal permissibility.

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